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ASP.NET for Developers

Authors: Michael Amundsen and Paul Litwin

By leveraging the power of Microsoft?s .Net platform, creating dynamic web pages is straightforward. By separating presentation layer from code, ASP.NET allows software developers to create pages that would normally have to be created by web developers. ASP.NET for Developers will jumpstart most software engineers into the world of dynamic web development. Many of the book?s examples are written in Visual Basic.NET., which is probably the programming language easiest to read and likely most widely used, so it makes the book easy to understand. A quick tutorial on Visual Basic.NET is available in this publication if you are not familiar with it.

The most complicated web pages use backend databases and complicated controls. Using Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 creating the controls are as simple as a drag and drop on a form very similar to the one that exists in what we will refer to as ?a regular software development environment.? After the Visual Basic.Net tutorial you can start creating simple web pages and you will find web server controls are just like those found in Windows. The authors provide very good examples on how to use validation controls to make your pages more user friendly.

Data access is the most used aspect of ASP.NET. ASP.NET used ADO.NET to attach web pages to databases. You can use the SQL Server .NET data provider to connect to a Microsoft SQL Server or use the OLE DB .NET provider to connect to another type of database. A lot of ASP.NET controls allow you to bind the database data to them. XML is considered to be a storage medium for data and ASP.NET for Developers shows you how to import and export XML data from a database. The book, we found, covers database retrieval exceptionally well.

One of the problems with regular ASP is that debugging is very difficult but ASP.NET has simplified this with a couple of tools. The tracing service will allow you the ability to track variables, cookies and controls. Sometimes you need a more powerful tool to debug your web application and, with that in mind, the .NET CLR will allow you to go through the application step by step and see what is happening. Security is another factor of web development that is covered well in this book. Internet development requires some level of security in order to prevent malicious users from getting into your network. By understanding the three key security concepts - Authentication, Authorization, and Impersonation - most developers will have very secure web applications.

This compact book covers the majority of ASP.NET topics. Whether you are a beginner or expert developer this book will be a valuable tool in learning ASP.NET. In summary, ASP.NET for developers has everything you need to get started developing ASP.NET applications quickly.

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