National Football League Transactions
For The Last 14 Days
08/22/2014Jimmy Graham, TEFined $30,000 by (NFL) for dunking footballs over the goal post
08/22/2014Jalil Brown, CBWaived
08/22/2014Micajah Reynolds, DLWaived
08/22/2014Michael Egnew, TEWaived
08/22/2014Johnny Manziel, QBFined $12,000 by (NFL)
08/22/2014Donald Stephenson, OLSuspended four-games by (NFL) for PEDS
08/22/2014Isaac Redman, RBRetired
08/21/2014Isaiah Pead, RBPlaced on injured reserve
08/21/2014Shawn Loiseau, LBReleased
08/21/2014Jabin Sambrano, WRReleased
08/21/2014D.J. Williams, TEReleased
08/21/2014Marcus Forston, DLReleased
08/21/2014Eric Weems, WRSigned
08/21/2014Chidera Uzo-Diribe, DEWaived
08/21/2014Je'Ron Hamm, WRWaived
08/21/2014Tobias Palmer, WRWaived
08/21/2014Tim Flanders, RBWaived
08/21/2014Kelcie McCray, SAcquired from Tampa Bay
08/21/2014Kelcie McCray, STraded to Kansas City
08/21/2014Rishaw Johnson, GAcquired from Kansas City
08/21/2014Rishaw Johnson, GTraded to Tampa Bay
08/21/2014Anthony McCloud, DTReleased
08/21/2014Kyle Cook, CRetired
08/21/2014R.J. Mattes, GSigned
08/21/2014James Ruffin, DEWaived
08/20/2014Edawn Coughman, TClaimed off waivers from Buffalo
08/20/2014Andre Cureton, GSigned
08/20/2014Colt Lyerla, TEPlaced on injured reserve
08/20/2014Tress Way, PClaimed off waivers from Chicago
08/20/2014Blake Clingan, PWaived
08/20/2014Ryan McBean, DTSigned to a one-year contract
08/20/2014Isaac Sopoaga, DTSigned to a one-year contract
08/20/2014Darnell Dockett, DTPlaced on injured reserve
08/20/2014Matt Stankiewitch, CReleased
08/20/2014Zeke Motta, SPlaced on the PUP list
08/20/2014Isaiah Pead, RBWaived
08/20/2014Dexter McDougle, CBPlaced on injured reserve
08/20/2014David Fluellen, RBTraded to Indianapolis
08/20/2014David Fluellen, RBAcquired from Philadelphia
08/20/2014Cody Parkey, KAcquired from Indianapolis
08/20/2014Cody Parkey, KTraded to Philadelphia
08/20/2014Eric Kettani, FBSigned
08/20/2014Fendi Onobun, TEReleased
08/20/2014Stevenson Sylvester, LBPlaced on injured reserve
08/20/2014Kevin Goessling, KRe-signed
08/20/2014Jeremy Deering, SReleased
08/20/2014Lavelle Hawkins, WRReleased
08/20/2014Greg Latta, DEWaived
08/20/2014Brett Keisel, DESigned to a two-year contract
08/20/2014Al Lapuaho, DTReleased
08/20/2014Phillip Tanner, RBWaived
08/19/2014Glenn Dorsey, DESigned to a two-year contract extension
08/19/2014Damik Scafe, DEPlaced on injured reserve
08/19/2014Dom DeCicco, LBPlaced on injured reserve
08/19/2014Marcus Gilbert, TSigned to a six-year contract
08/19/2014Kenjon Barner, RBAcquired from Carolina
08/19/2014Kenjon Barner, RBTraded to Philadelphia
08/19/2014Shaq Evans, WRPlaced on injured reserve
08/19/2014Jason Phillips, LBReleased
08/19/2014Alameda Ta'amu, DTActivated from the PUP list
08/19/2014Tyrann Mathieu, SActivated from the PUP list
08/19/2014Colt Lyerla, TEWaived
08/19/2014Kevin Elliott, WRWaived
08/19/2014Drayton Florence, CBReleased
08/19/2014Edawn Coughman, OTReleased
08/18/2014Steve Hull, WRReleased
08/18/2014Justin Jackson, LBClaimed off waivers from Detroit
08/18/2014Dom DeCicco, LBWaived
08/18/2014Peyton Thompson, CBSigned to a one-year contract
08/18/2014Darius Reynaud, RBSigned to a one-year contract
08/18/2014Tress Way, PWaived
08/18/2014Chad Rempel, LSWaived
08/18/2014Dayonne Nunley, CBSigned
08/18/2014Graham Pocic, OTSigned
08/18/2014James Shaw, WRReleased
08/18/2014Bryant Browning, GWaived
08/18/2014Pat McQuistan, OTSigned
08/18/2014Sam Baker, OTPlaced on injured reserve
08/18/2014Doug Worthington, DESigned
08/18/2014Damik Scafe, DTWaived
08/18/2014Cameron Marshall, RBWaived
08/18/2014Corey Peters, DTActivated from the PUP list
08/18/2014Rakim Cox, DESigned
08/18/2014Justin Jones, TERe-signed
08/17/2014Kevin Goessling, KReleased
08/17/2014Kyle Auffray, TESigned
08/17/2014Davin Meggett, RBWaived
08/17/2014Deji Karim, RBAgreed to terms
08/17/2014Chandler Burden, GWaived
08/16/2014Terrence Miller, TEReleased
08/16/2014Rokevious Watkins, OLReleased
08/16/2014Cody Booth, OTSigned
08/16/2014Harvey Unga, FBSigned
08/16/2014Chad Hall, WRReleased
08/16/2014Bradie Ewing, FBReleased
08/16/2014Shamari Benton, LBSigned
08/16/2014Justin Jackson, LBReleased
08/16/2014Santonio Holmes, WRSigned
08/16/2014Eric Weems, WRReleased
08/15/2014Luke Ingram, LBSigned
08/15/2014Kofi Hughes, WRSigned to a one-year contract
08/15/2014Zach Miller, TEPlaced on injured reserve
08/15/2014Dwayne Bowe, WRSuspended one-game by (NFL)
08/15/2014John Potter, KSigned
08/15/2014Danny Hrapmann, KWaived
08/14/2014Jibreel Black, DTReleased
08/14/2014Marshall McFadden, LBReleased
08/14/2014Shelton Johnson, DBReleased
08/14/2014Terrence Miller, TEPlaced on injured reserve
08/14/2014Matt Stankiewitch, CPlaced on injured reserve
08/14/2014Ben Malena, RBReleased
08/14/2014Caleb McSurdy, LBSigned
08/14/2014Asa Watson, TESigned
08/14/2014Dallas Walker, TEWaived
08/14/2014Larry English, LBSigned
08/14/2014Zach Minter, DTSigned
08/14/2014Korey Lindsey, DBWaived
08/14/2014Desmond Bishop, LBSigned
08/14/2014Ben Hartsock, TEReleased
08/14/2014Matt Veldman, TESigned
08/14/2014Doug Worthington, DEWaived
08/13/2014Tim Fugger, LBPlaced on injured reserve
08/13/2014Terrence Miller, TEReleased
08/13/2014Ben Bass, DTAcquired from Dallas
08/13/2014Ben Bass, DTTraded to New England
08/13/2014Justin Green, DBAcquired from New England
08/13/2014Justin Green, DBTraded to Dallas
08/13/2014Kendrick Adams, DESigned
08/13/2014Steve Vallos, CSigned
08/13/2014Viondy Merisma, OTWaived
08/13/2014David Gilbert, DLWaived
08/13/2014Antoine Caldwell, CSigned
08/13/2014Matt Stankiewitch, CWaived
08/13/2014Stephen Houston, RBSigned
08/13/2014Kion Wilson, LBSigned
08/13/2014Blake Costanzo, LBPlaced on injured reserve
08/13/2014Junior Mertile, DBSigned
08/13/2014Travis Beckum, TESigned
08/12/2014Aaron Dobson, WRActivated from the PUP list
08/12/2014Jerel Worthy, DEAcquired from Green Bay
08/12/2014Jerel Worthy, DETraded to New England
08/12/2014T.J. Fatinikun, DESigned
08/12/2014Dorin Dickerson, TEReleased
08/12/2014Mason Brodine, DEPlaced on injured reserve
08/12/2014Evan Wilson, TESigned
08/12/2014Raymond Webber, TEWaived
08/12/2014Ian Williams, NTActivated from the PUP list
08/12/2014Tom Hornsey, PSigned
08/12/2014Stephen Goodin, GSigned
08/12/2014Andre Cureton, GWaived
08/12/2014William Powell, RBSigned
08/12/2014Tim Cornett, RBReleased
08/12/2014Adam Podlesh, PPlaced on the reserve/did not report list
08/12/2014Dennis Johnson, RBReleased
08/12/2014Andre Brown, RBReleased
08/12/2014LeQuan Lewis, CBSigned
08/12/2014Tim Fugger, LBReleased
08/12/2014Rex Grossman, QBSigned
08/12/2014Tyler Thigpen, QBWaived
08/12/2014Ronnie Brown, RBSigned
08/12/2014Orlando Scandrick, CBSuspended four-games by (NFL) for PEDS
08/11/2014Cameron Marshall, RBSigned
08/11/2014Brock Jensen, QBWaived
08/11/2014Mark Joyce, SReleased
08/11/2014Brad Smelley, TESigned
08/11/2014Mason Brodine, DEReleased
08/11/2014Mike Taylor, LBPlaced on injured reserve
08/11/2014Chuck Jacobs, WRPlaced on injured reserve
08/11/2014Alvin Scioneaux, LBPlaced on injured reserve
08/11/2014Richard Quinn, TERetired
08/11/2014Pat Devlin, QBReleased
08/11/2014Brady Quinn, QBSigned
08/11/2014Dezman Moses, LBPlaced on injured reserve
08/11/2014Daniel Adongo, LBPlaced on injured reserve
08/11/2014Jeris Pendleton, DTPlaced on injured reserve
08/11/2014Ben Malena, RBPlaced on injured reserve
08/11/2014Kyle Auffray, TEReleased
08/11/2014Conner Vernon, WRClaimed off waivers from Cincinnati
08/11/2014Quintin Payton, WRReleased
08/11/2014Jawan Jamison, RBWaived
08/11/2014Marcus Gilbert, TSigned to a contract extension
08/11/2014Gannon Conway, DESigned
08/11/2014Eric Pike, OTWaived
08/10/2014Stephen Houston, RBReleased
08/10/2014Kory Sperry, TESigned
08/10/2014Rob Turner, C/GSigned to a one-year contract
08/10/2014Graham Pocic, TWaived
08/10/2014Sam Miller, CBSigned
08/10/2014Michael Carter, DBReleased
08/10/2014Martellus Bennett, TEReinstated
08/10/2014Dezman Moses, LBReleased
08/10/2014Jonathon Amaya, DBSigned
08/10/2014Steve Gregory, SRetired
08/10/2014Thomas Wolfe, DBSigned
08/10/2014Mike Taylor, LBWaived
08/10/2014Terrence Miller, TESigned
08/10/2014Steve Maneri, OLSigned
08/10/2014Ben Hartsock, TESigned
08/10/2014Asa Watson, TEReleased
08/10/2014Justin Jones, TEReleased